Acceptance Guidelines

Please make sure that the following requirements are met:
  • Material presents material consistent with commonly held Buddhist and Jodo Shinshu teachings. If unsure, please consult with your local minister or with the JSC staff.
  • Age and audience appropriate material
  • Does not in any way cause harm to students, teachers or others
  • All authors must state clearly their full names, valid email address (which may be hidden on request) and their temple/church affiliation
  • Has been presented to students at least once
  • Relinquish all rights to the FDSTL and the BCA
  • Does not incorporate copyrighted material
  • Meet all other BCA and BCA web-related guidelines
Moderators are expected to work with each submitter to make sure that the submission ultimately is compliant. The objective of this site is to improve the quality of the lessons given by Dharma School teachers to more effectively disseminate the Dharma. This means that we should work with all the teachers to improve each submission rather than to reject them out-right.

The FDSTL, BCA and CBE (Center for Buddhist Education) reserves the right to remove any material.

Moderator Roles / Criteria

Moderator has several important roles
  • Processes new submissions
  • Recruit people to submit
  • Periodically scans through the collections to point out areas where we are lacking in lessons
  • Periodically scan through the collection to cull out old plans that may be not as relevant; first attempt to contact the author to see if it can be updated.
I am currently expecting all BCA Districts to have at least one Moderator.

Normally, I'm expecting them to make themselves known via the BCA FDSTL. However, in the case that this is not possible, I will accept a letter/email from a current Moderator and/or their local minister on their behalf.

Direct Submission

  1. Go to the proper grade level
  2. Click on the "New Page" in the left menu bar
  3. Choose the Use Template drop down and choose the DS template
  4. Fill in the template as best as possible. Words in "{...}" should be replaced with the appropriate text or removed.
  5. Change the status to "Moderated" and change the font color to black.
  6. Click on the "Save" button at the bottom right column.
  7. Go to the appropriate alphabetical section and place the new page into it by editing that Letter page. You should be able to: type in the title on the appropriate line, highlight it, use the link icon above (globe w/ a chain in front), fill in the appropriate fields and clicking "Save"

Email Submissions

  1. Read through the submission and make sure that it is complete and the correct format has been used. If not, respond to the submitter and ask for a re-formatting.
  2. Review the material and check for:
    • Compliance with the Guidelines (above)
    • Difficulty in setup/preparation
    • Difficulty in presentation
    • Most likely length of lesson
    • Potential effectiveness in meeting the stated objectives
  3. Once the base material is in proper shape, determine the keywords
  4. Place the lesson in the youngest grade level to which it will most likely apply. If that is two grade levels, then feel free to place in two grade levels.
  5. Follow the instructions for the Direct Submission above.