High School

The main topics to be covered according to the BCA's High School curricula are:
  • Jodo Shinshu (review)
  • Foundations of Jodo Shinshu
  • Comparative Study of other Buddhist traditions
  • Comparative Study of other Religions

Along with this we are also trying to meet the needs of the modern high school students from how to deal with societal and peer pressure and preparing for being a young adult.

Recommended Order of HS Lessons A Order of some of the lessons presented here.


Bring Buddhism Back From China
Farm Game
Buddhist Volleyball
Buddhist Baseball
Buddhist Taboo Game


Life of Shinran Skit
Queen Vaideihi Play - Shadow puppet play depicting scenes from the Meditation Sutra

Role Playing

Words and Feelings
Basics of Jodo Shinshu - Poll vs Test (Perceptions), Role Playing Scenes

Lecture & Worksheet

Advertisements and Right View
Negotiations and Right View
Perceptions and Right Thought; Affirmations
Decision Making and Right Conduct and Livelihood; T-charts
Eightfold Path and Six Paramitas
Social Savvy
Theravada Buddhism
48 Vows

Scavenger Hunt/Activity

Introduction to the Meditation Sutra - Visual Meditation & Scavenger Hunt
Introduction to the Larger Amida Sutra - Lecture & Scavenger Hunt

Art and Media

Illuminating the Lesser Amida Sutra - Project to create their own representations of the Lesser Amida Sutra
Mandala of the Larger Amida Sutra - Project to create a mandala of the Larger Amida Sutra

Special Events

Shinran Challenge - Mini-Olympics of Tendai initiate activities

Ideas Bank - High School