Federation of Dharma School Teachers League Conference, 2013
April 26-28, 2013
Marriott San Mateo

Theme: I.C.E. : Being Buddhist in a Diverse Society
Keynote Speakers: Rev. Harry Bridge & Rev. Mushim Ikeda
Hosted by the Bay District Dharma School Teachers League

Saturday started with the opening service officiated by Socho Kodo Umezu and assisted by the many ministers of the BCA.

Rev. Harry Bridge then talked about his mixed ancestry and how although he sees diversity, it's not yet at the level that he would have projected when he joined the ministry several years ago.

Rev. Mushim Ikeda then talked about the importance of diversity in Buddhism.

The attendees made their way to the separate rooms for the workshops. The first workshop was about recollecting when you realized that you were comfortable at church and when you felt uncomfortable.

The second workshop introduced the Intent and Impacts: Where your good intent results in bad impacts, Where other people's good intent results in bad impact for you.

In the third workshop, the attendees discussed what a diverse, inclusive Sangha would feel like and what things/actions would/could make this occur.

At 3:30, the attendees reconvened for the Panel Discussion led by Rev. David Matsumoto.
Rev. Matsumoto introduced the panel composed of Rev. Harry Bridge and Rev. Mushim Ikeda.

At 4:40, FDSTL President Carl Yanari, chaired the general meeting which was followed by the Banquet.

After the Banquet, we had several Evening workshops:
  • Screening of Streams of Light followed by a Panel Discussion
  • "Welcome to the DMV-A Silent Walking Meditation"
  • Gathas & Songs of Diversity
  • Diversity Art Projects, Books and Videos
  • Tea from Around the World and Tea Ceremony
  • BCA Dharma School WikiSpaces Lesson Plan loading

The Wikispaces session in my humble opinion was very successful with over five lessons uploaded and a plan to upload the entire year's worth of 8th Grade lessons from Sacramento Betsuin. Unfortunately, I could not attend the other evening workshops all of which sounded interesting.

See you all next year in Mountain View!